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I hope anyone reading this will think twice about using Nationwide Van Lines!

We contracted Nationwide Van Lines to do our move from south Florida to Vermont. We had pre-packed all the stuff so we basically just needed them to come by and take the boxes away, to our new home.

We had scheduled them for a 11am pickup but they said it would be 9am to 12pm. I took off from work to ensure I'd meet them. Nine comes and goes. 10am, 11am, 12pm, also come and go. I call Rahael at their office and was assured they were on the way and were running 2 hours late. Unfortunately this does me no good because I had to return to work for the afternoon. Now I had to sacrifice a whole extra half day to wait for them.

When they showed up finally it was at 330pm. They guys they sent looked totally unprofessional. On their website they display fancy fresh painted trucks and guys in uniforms with the company logo. I got 3 guys in dirty clothes in an unmarked white cube truck. I couldnt have been more disappointed.

They packed up our stuff and disappeared. We called the office to make sure the move was going as planned and we got the OK. Our goods were supposed to arrive 1 week later in Vermont.

We get to Vermont, wait on the precise day, but there was no delivery. The scheduled date comes and goes. I call the office and was met with a very testy response from the lady there (not sure of her name). She told us delivery was attempted but we had put the wrong address on the moving documents and thats why it was delayed.

I checked my copy of the contract and it was totally perfect. I faxed it over and she said she'd investiagte. Later she emails us saying, yes the address was correct, but they had an internal company error and that the delivery would come at any time now.

The next day came and nearly went and Nationwide NEVER called back. I called (spoke to Ron) who told me they attempted delivery but nobody was home. Blatant lies! I was there all day for days in a row. I asked where they attempted to delivery to. He could not give me an answer. When I asked where my goods were now, also no answer.

I demanded to have a firm answer about my goods in 24 hours or else I'd contact the authorities and file a chargeback with the bank. I got no reply so I filed a chargeback on the amount.

Less than two full days alter I get a very angry call from Nationwide (not regarding my moved goods, but my chargeback). They implied I'm a thief, asking why did I dispute the charge, etc....when all along my stuff is missing without any reason or explanation from the company!

The lady tells me in a matter of fact way that the goods are being "held" in Florida in their storage, pending payment. I told her I just disputed the transaction less than 48 hrs ago, because the stuff never arrived. How did it already get from Vermont to Florida in less than 2 days? She said the procedure is to immediately return the items to the shipping origin if payment is charged back.

I truly believe this is a bold faced lie. Two phantom delivery attempts and address confusion on THEIR part, and now, magically, the goods are back in Florida? No way. Either they messed up the move and never sent it, or planned all along to get more money out of me for a "second" move.

They insist I need to resend payment for delivery to happen plus an additional fee since it is, what they call, a second delivery. I told them I'll see them face to face in Florida. I plan to fly back to Florida to get my goods out. I will go with my lawyer and will contact the local sheriff if they do not release my stuff.

I have never had a worse experience with a moving company or any business for that matter, but the Israeli team here (Ron, Rachael, etc) cannot be trusted in my opinion.

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My family and I are going thru this right now with a company called "Trusted Moving and Storage" an affiliate of Nationwide. They gave us a quote of $8500, once they finished packing our stuff they said we now owed them $24000.

We have paid them a total of $17000 so far and they will not deliver until we give them the remainder in cash. They came to deliver our furniture and then immediately took it away to storage for some unknown reason, not because we didn't have the cash. Now they are demanding the money plus another $3200. WTF??

Who are these people to do this? As far as the Dept of Transp, we have a right to our stuff and are allowed 15-30 days after delivery to pay the remaining balance.

Does anyone know someone who can help get our stuff? They will not disclose the location of furniture, how are they getting away with this???


I have also been perplexed by the manager Yaron...going by multiple names - Ron, Aaron, Yaron, Ronnie...why don't you stop trying act like you aren't you Yaron? Making up different names doesn't remove the responsibility you have to your customer.


Nationwide Van Lines - Plantation Florida. This is the company everyone is referering to.


You are talking about Nationwide Van Lines or Nationwide Relocation?




And now it's me going through this nightmare. This is organized do they get away with this?? Does anyone out there have advice on what to do to get my stuff back??


I would rather have a chapped *** in July than use either one of these moving companies.


Nationwide, or Worldwide what ever they call the company now is the biggest rip off. They never listen to any complaints.

What a group of liars. Wonder if anyone checked their green card? The also have a so called attorney who sends threatening letters. The guy is a joke.

Plus he has no idea what he is talking about. This company belongs in the *** house, along with Ron, AAron, Yaron and what other A-Rons they have.


Please tell me what it took to recover your belongings. I too am now the one who's things they are holding hostage.

I told them they were robbing me without a gun. I can't seem to get anyone to help or pay attention.

I am ready to write the news media. :(


This is the same company that was forced into bankruptcy several years ago when they were known as Worldwide Moving Systems. Nationwide is the same company!

Same owners, proprietors - Gail, Ron (or alternatively Yaron and Aaron - it's a federal crime to change your identity when conducting business over state lines by the way), Rachael, and Julianne.

Search the internet for these names and company names. Many many bad experiences are documented!


Can this company please accept responsibiluty for its actions and explain why they are facilitating such terrible moves to us????


I agree with Patricia's comment. In my brief experience with Nationwide, Ron and others on the staff did lie a few times to me about what was happening with the move and there were all of no help whatsoever.



You are and your staff are *** artists and liars. U dont have a Ron in your office????....this is from an email I received from your company a few months ago. Look who they cc'ed...One of them is Ron. Do u always lie?????

Julianne Kilgour

ccGail Cohen ,,



I had to wait 15 minutes today on a main st in thompson CT today for this guy to perform a simple back up onto a street. I have no idea how this guy got his license.

After all the complaints ive seen just by googling this company confirms all my suspicion. They should have there license checked...


You should post your reviews here to let people know what happened and also post on trust link too. good luck in getting them to resolve your concerns


We used them to move from California to Texas and the driver was a total ***. I think the company tells them to bully customers.

The best was when they whined because we didn't have the a/c turned on to their liking...

Use "Prestige" if you really want to do it right. Don't go cheap on moving your stuff...


Whoops, I mean:nationwidevanlinescomplaints dot blogspot dot com.


BostonBlackie...I have a blog dedicated to how Nationwide treated us and what people can do if they are looking for resolution:

nationwidevanlinescomplaints at blogspot dot com.

Hope that helps


Hey BB, I just checked and it looks like Worldwide Moving Systems is still active and definitely the same company. The address is nearly identical:

1421 NW 65th Avenue Plantation, FL. 33313


1419 NW 65 AVE Plantation FL 33313

What was your experience with Nationwide/Worldwide?

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